Welcome To the Best Of Africa!

The Best Of Africa means to travel to the best parts of Africa, at the best times, taking the best routes, working with the best African suppliers, in the best manner , without overpaying or underpaying.

Free African Tour Consultations

Up front, we offer a 3 part consultation service sequentially as follows:

Part 1. Educate clients on How To Best Tour Africa. This can consist of attending one of our live presentations, catching a webinar via Skype, or simply having a phone conversation with us.

Part 2. The client communicates their circumstances, preferences, budget, and timeline to us. This communication can consist of an email, a phone call, or submitting a completed online questionnaire which is found on our website under the CONTACT US tab labelled as GETTING STARTED.

Part 3. We present clients a copyrighted tour proposal based on their parameters. This proposal consists of a fully detailed tour outline and quote in PDF format that contains a number of embedded links that can be opened up for much more information on the venues, parks and tours. This proposal is generally tweaked 1-3 times until it meets with the clients approval before moving onto the next stage.

Please advise how you might like to get started with us in these regards. We can conduct business with you in the day / evening / weekend from the comfort of your own home or work place.

Experience the Best of Africa, on your terms, with Lion Dog African Safaris!

African Safari Tour Itinerary | Getting Started

African Safari Presentations

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